★ Terms of Service★

  • I reserve the right to refuse an order without any explanation.

  • Proof for 18+ commissions such as an ID is required.

  • I have the rights to post the commissions I've worked on unless discussed otherwise with the client.

  • Full payment must be made up front in order for me to work on your commission.

  • Exceptions can be made where I take 50% first and the rest after completion.

  • If there’s a deadline, you must let me know beforehand.

  • Rush or priority commissions that need to be moved over everyone else, will cost an extra fee.

  • Payment will be taken in USD via Paypal invoice, unless stated otherwise.

  • Refunds will be considered on cases individually depending on % of work completed.

  • Please have a clear reference (preferible flat color) at hand unless you are commissioning a character design from scratch. Exceptions can be made.

  • Revisions may vary per commission and I’ll do as many as I find convenient. Huge changes to the commission when it’s in an advanced phase, may get charged an extra fee.

  • Refunds cannot be given if the client is not satisfied with the finished product if they didn't use the given revisions.

  • Work-in-progress updates will be given throughout the process.

  • Clients must not edit, trace or claim/credit the commissioned work as their own.

  • Clients can use commissioned work for commercial purposes unless it involve something of my property such as a original character. Still, anything is up for discussion

  • Credit must be given when posted/used (even if it's used for commercial use.).

  • ToS can be edited/updated with time as needed.


❀ I can draw ❀

  • Humans

  • Kemonomimi (ex: neko, wolfbois, etc)

  • Any species (Ask just in case)

  • Ferals

  • Candy Gore | Gore

  • NSFW (Mature content)

  • Landscapes or complex backgrounds

Nsfw art will not be posted as WildPaws Creations or in said accounts. This is to maintain Nsfw from Sfw separated.

❀ I will not draw ❀

  • Underage characters in Nsfw situations

  • Water sports, scat, any fetish I feel uncomfortable with.

  • Hate art, Anti-LGBTQIA+

Requesting a commission means you agree with the ToS.